diversity training

Teacher Professional Development

Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships Workshop has a variety of uses for both the novice and seasoned educator. It can function as a full comprehensive training program or as the center piece of an orientation for new educators. It can also act a refresher course for … Learn More

School Leader Training

Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships: Leadership Principles Workshop is a full day program that functions as to train school leaders who desire to implement the Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships program. … Learn More

Supervisor Skills Transformation Program

Each year businesses spend thousands of dollars providing training to their supervisors. In fact, the average “canned” 4-hour training session costs anywhere from $1800 to $2400. If training occurs 2 to 3 times per year, businesses will spend a staggering amount of money. … Learn More

Workplace Racial Equity Training

So often, organizations believe fighting racism in the workplace begins and ends with increasing the representation of people of color. They believe that these new hires will not only have the abilities to do the job but will advance towards the path the leads to the company’s vision of racial equity. … Learn More

Cultural Risk Audit

There’s a disturbing paradox in the America’s schools and workplace. As organizations look to reap the benefits of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive workforce and student population, the countervailing force of racism often undermines that effort, creating challenges that both … Learn More

elarning|Cultural Diversity Online Course

This 12-week course provides you with everything that you need to build classroom and school cultural diversity strategies for students who are of a different ethnicity than you. The purpose of the promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships course is to increase the … Learn More