Now is time to take your AVOID RACISM CAMPAIGN to the next level by using the Raccelerate Formula App. Has racism eaten deep into your school system? The keep-in-check app has been created. With the Raccelerate Formula App, schools and teachers can now privately monitor the rate of potential racism in their schools and classrooms. This app uses a formula that has a comprehensive new way to calculate and measure your school’s rate of racism using a smart phone.

Awesome app? No! it is more than awesome. It is mobile, you can be with it on the go and can access it anytime anywhere. A perfect fit for teachers and administrators. With Raccelerate Formula App, your school is protected and kept under racism radar.

The uniqueness of this app can be seen in “how it works”. It is easy to calculate and fun to measure. The app works by inputting the number of students suspended or the number of discipline referrals.  Then the user inputs the total number of school students. Next, press the calculate button and get your rating. The administrator or teacher will be able to determine if their school is making progress in the quest avoid racism or being sued for racism.

Why the Raccelerate Formula App?

It only takes one publicized allegation of racism and the reputation of your school could be destroyed forever.  In the past year, thousands of civil rights complaints have bee filed with the United States Department of Education. Once the complaints are published, it becomes an embarrassment for the school, it’s community, and the staff. The public knowledge becomes expensive and will haunt the school for some considerable time.


Our Raccelerate Formula App is a measly $4.99 for a one year subscription.

  • Clean and awesome design that will provide an amazing  experience
  • The Raccelerate Formula App is easy to use, so you don’t have to watch any tutorial or guide to be able to use it properly
  • Raccelerate Formula Scale: It has a scale, which helps your to calculate the Raccelerate value, which can have different meanings
  • Raccelerate Formula: Formula helps to calculate the potential school/classroom racism

This app will help you in three different areas :

  • The factor of racism in your school or classroom
  • Help sustain happy and productive school
  • And the most important, eliminate the major reason for lawsuits associated with racism allegations

Does the Raccelerate Racism App really work?

The Raccelerate Formula App is flexible and provides stress free monitoring.  The app helps the user to see how students, schools and classrooms fare on avoiding racism without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Raccelerate Formula App is second to none for schools.  An app that saves the schools reputation. A must use for schools who wish to avoid the atrocities associated with civil rights complaints by staying under the racism radar. It empowers administrators and teachers with a flexible tool to monitor their progress and therefore avoid damaging the good reputation of the school.