Racial equity risks — also called threats — are events that, should they occur, can have negative consequences for a business, school, or other type of organization resulting in financial loss, loss of customers and employees, decreased effectiveness as well as damaging their reputation. To be successful organizations must be able to manage their risks, by identifying, analyzing, mitigating, and implementing solutions before the risk happens.

Our Racial Equity Risk Survey is designed to identify potential events that may adversely affect the organization. The survey can be used when analyzing an organization’s racism risk management strategy. It can also be used as documentation to potentially reduce cost associated with Professional Liability Insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

After completion of the survey, a Racial Equity Risk Report Card is issued within three business days. This will help leaders to identify the strengths and weakness of the organization. The Racial Equity Risk Survey will help the organization to formulate future goals and objectives to avoid risk associated with racism.



Private and Public Schools