The classroom conflict between teachers and students results from the different cultural contexts that students and teachers bring to the classroom. The cultural mismatch between students and teachers is often the reason for student academic failure and increased disciplinary consequences for the students. The Raccelerate Continuum is a tool that helps teachers better understand why classroom cultural differences matter.

As individuals we learn rules to effectively respond to racism challenges that result in becoming embarrassed, upset, or feel threatened. We continue this process by developing automatic responses to classroom racism which becomes detrimental to the progress of students and teachers. Teachers who become involved the Raccelerate Continuum Training are able to develop a plan for identifying and overcoming classroom cultural challenges that contribute to the dysfunctional characteristics associated with racism.    

The Raccelerate Continuum has eight pillars for safe discussions involving racism which include:

  • Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Teacher-Student Racial Differences
  • Teacher Discrimination
  • Student Beliefs and Perceptions
  • School-Student Racial disparity
  • Discrimination in the Classroom
  • Teacher-Student Verbal Behavior
  • Teacher-Student Nonverbal Behavior

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