On September 22, 2014, Dr. Campbell officially developed the Raccelerate Phenomenon. The Raccelerate Phenomenon outlines the major cause for disproportionate discipline in schools. That was not enough for Dr. Campbell. There had to be a solution to this problem that would help teachers and school. Dr. Campbell then developed the Raccelerate Formula to help teachers reflect on their classroom discipline practices that could contribute to disproportionate discipline. He progressed forward to develop the Raccelerate Formula App as technology that would make using the formula easier. Then he developed the Raccelerate Continuum. The Raccelerate Continuum provides the professional development foundation for transitioning the entire school to eliminate disproportionate discipline.  The Raccelerate Portfolio and assessment rubric are two tools that help the school to collect data on their progress and conduct a self evaluation of their efforts.

The Raccelerate Nexus is a seven step professional development process designed to eliminate disproportionate discipline in schools. During the process educators transition from the cause of disproportionate discipline to the ability to evaluate the progress of their school towards the final goal. The Raccelerate Nexus will help schools transform the entire school and eliminate the perception of racism associated with disproportionate discipline.

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