Treasures of Hidden Racism in Education contains the seminal works of the research that validate the past and present existence of racism in schools. It includes the collection of undeniable research that has been forged to the background. It covers the primary factors that contribute to racism in education that in many cases are either overlooked or dismissed.

There are several ways that a school leader can use the ‘Treasures of Racism in Education book as a tool for professional development during staff meetings. 

The book has seven different categories that includes the seminal research in the following areas:

  1. Teacher Discrimination 
  2. Black and Hispanic Student Beliefs and Perceptions
  3. School-Student Racial Disparity
  4. Discrimination in the Classroom 
  5. Teacher-Student Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviors 
  6. Teacher-Student Racial Differences


The administrator has several options for using the book as part of staff development. 

The First step is to ask your teachers to read a chapter in the book. For example, they could read this chapter on – Discrimination in the Classroom. After reading this chapter, the administrator has the three options outlined below. 

Option 1: Facilitate a whole group discussion on the chapter during a staff meeting.

Option 2: Rather that asking gall teachers to read a chapter, ask a small group of teachers to read the book and present their findings and facilitate a whole group discussion during a staff meeting. 

Option 3: Rather that asking gall teachers to read a chapter, present the basic principles of the entire book in a staff meeting as the leader of the building.



Hidden Treasures of Racism Book Chapter

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