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My Story

After thirteen years as a math teacher, and several years as a central office administrative math and curriculum specialist, I had the opportunity to impact children as an assistant principal. Two of my primary responsibilities were instruction and discipline. After several months as an assistant principal, I realized that the amount of the discipline that I processed was unproductive for the students and the school.

I conducted a thorough quantitative analysis and found that Black students were overrepresented in disciplinary infractions. Black students accounted for 45% of the processed disciplinary infractions while accounting for 33% of the student population. Hispanics, Whites, and Asians students accounted for 53%, 1%, and 1% of the processed disciplinary infractions, respectively.

The administrator demographics were White (67%) and Black (33%). Instructional staff demographics were White (95%), Black (3%), and Hispanic (2%). Most students at SSHS were minorities. Student demographics were Hispanic (60%), Black (33%), White (4%), and Asian Pacific Islander (3%). Ninety-nine percent of the students qualified for reduced or free lunch.

I was not totally convinced that there was a racial problem, so I conducted a cultural analysis. I found discrepancies such as administrator beliefs and teacher overemphasis of discipline. For example, several administrators believed that the parents of the students sent their children to the school to receive discipline. Other teachers believed that students needed to receive double discipline for the same infraction.

Still not totally convinced, I conducted a qualitative analysis. I interviewed several teachers and students. After evaluating the transcripts and considering all of the collected data, I understood that this was a racial challenge and forged forward to help the students and the organization.

After writing my dissertation, Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships and leaving the organization. I found out that the school received several awards after I completed the transition. In 2012, the United States Department of Education honored them with the Title 1 distinguished School of Excellence. In 2012 and 2013 US News and World Report honored them as a Bronze Medal School. In 2013, they were honored as a New Jersey School of Character – one of three high schools in the state to receive this honor.

I believe that it is a disservice to students, parents, teachers, administrators, the education community, businesses, the country, and the world to continue to keep the process a secret. With that in mind, we provide professional services to all our clients that will reduce racism in school classrooms and other professional environments.

Summary About Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell has a proven ability to lead and develop business, organization, and education driven initiatives. He is adept at utilizing strategic thinking, innovative problem solving, and team leadership to deliver exceptional results. He is equipped with relationship-building expertise which includes a history of successfully helping organizations to fostering strong, sustainable relationships and secure consensus among employees and colleagues. Dr. Campbell is a deadline-oriented leader with positive attitude and proven strengths in technical skills.

My Education

Dr. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Capital Institute of Technology, a second Bachelor of Science degree in Math Education from the University of the District of Columbia, a master’s in education administration from Lincoln University, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Rowan University.

My Career

Dr. Derrick L. Campbell started his career as a Field Engineer earning his first Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Capital Institute of Technology. While working as a Field Engineer, he became a volunteer coach for eighth grade children. He was a volunteer basketball coach for five years and during that time; his teams won two championships and two division titles. Derrick realized that he had a strong desire and ability to educate children and went on to pursue his second Bachelor of Science degree in Math Education from the University of the District of Columbia. Derrick began his work in the educational arena as a junior high school math teacher in Washington, DC. After working several years as a math teacher, and coaching girls’ basketball and softball teams, he relocated to Cherry Hill New Jersey.

He then began working as a math teacher in the Philadelphia Public Schools. While in Philadelphia, he was a math teacher for an eighth-grade educational program for at-risk students, for which he received the teacher of the year award from Olney High School. As Derrick’s career progressed, he realized the importance of furthering his education and it led to the pursuit of a Master’s in Education Administration, which he completed in May 2002 from Lincoln University. At the graduation ceremony, Derrick received the Distinguished Proposal Award.

Derrick became a central office supervisor specializing in mathematics, science, technology, and special education. He then became a high school assistant principal and continued his education at Rowan University. He completed the Educational leadership doctoral program in 2007. During that time, he became a member of the Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda at Rowan University.

Dr. Campbell has had several articles published which include:

Dr. Campbell has been featured in:

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My Latest Work

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