The recent media support and backlash involving immigrants continues an extensive list of the Donald Trump infused conflicts which remain the mainstay of his legacy as the president of the United States. The impact of these conflicts will have measurable economic impact for decades. Citizens can re-position themselves to benefit from Donald Trump’s love for conflict.         

The most recent conflict involving immigrants has a gold lining that some people will find financially beneficial. Donald Trumps love for conflict began in the area by limiting the quantity of immigrants that could enter the United States. The limitation included Muslims and Mexicans. Donald Trump finalized his love for conflict by separating children from their parents. This is an old trick called the “Sword and the Shield”. What happens is you create a problem and already have the solution for the problem. The more heightened the problem the greater necessity for the solution that you have developed.

Detained immigrants will need a place to live. The will need food to eat. They will need clothes to wear. They will need water and electricity. They will need medical services. The children that were separated from their parents will need educational services as well as the beforehand mentioned services. According to federal law, since the immigrants are housed in a federal setting, the government will have to implement the competitive bidding process to provide these services as well as any other needed services.

Competitive bidding is a process of issuing a public bid with the intent that companies will put together their best proposal and compete for a specific project. By law, this process is required for every government agency that issues a bid. Competitive bidding creates a transparent environment that is open and fair. This essentially means that any company, regardless of their company size, annual revenue or other similar factors, will be welcomed to the bidding process and will be given a fair chance as the rest of the competition. Many of the providers are supporters for Donald Trump already have the capacity to provide these services and benefit financially.

The international tariff is another instance of Donald Trump’s love for conflict. According to the New York Times, The Trump administration said that it will place a 25 percent tariff on Chinese products like flat-screen televisions, medical devices, aircraft parts and batteries, outlining more than 1,300 imported goods that will soon face levies as part of a sweeping trade measure aimed at penalizing China for its trade practices.

Here is the concept of the “Sword and the Shield”. Cause as much conflict as possible regarding tariffs and already have the companies that will be able to provide for these items at a reduced cost. Let’s take flat-screen TVs for instance. As the president, if I had a vested interest in the American competitors for flat screen TVs, it would become a benefit. I would create a big a problem regarding TVs and have the solution to the problem.

How can the public benefit for Donald Trump’s love for conflict?

The best way to benefit from Donald Trump’s love for conflict is to develop a business that provides the solution (the Shield) to the conflict (the Sword). For example, the immigration problem is a prime time to establish a business that responds to the needs to the immigrants. A person could establish the following businesses to name a few:

  • Construction
  • Food Service
  • Medical Services
  • Educational services
  • Security Services

The limitations are endless. The next step is to become familiar with government contracting and become part of that system. Then when Donald Trump uses his sword again, at least you are in position to benefit financially by becoming a shield.

Finally, Donald Trump has used conflict to cause racism conflicts. Once of the solutions that can help with racism conflicts in schools is Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships. Donald Trump’s love conflict will become beneficial for those who position themselves to become a shield to the induced problem.

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