Diversity training for schools has become the central transitional focus which has continued to be costly and in many cases ineffective. Without effective training, schools continue to struggle with meeting well defined goals and objectives. Effective diversity training involves utilizing a seven step process – The Raccelerate Nexus – which enables teachers to transforms their thinking in a non intrusive manner resulting in fostering a culture that benefits all students.

Most diversity training modules fail in the area of transforming the thinking of the teacher. For example, many diversity training models provide teachers with the information associated with differences. Once this information is disseminated, teachers are left with either the choice to consider the application of the training or refuse to transform their thinking and remain in their previous state.

In order to improve this lack of process, this type of application needs to include a reflective element that is non-intrusive. One way to implement this type of diversity training module is to begin with the teacher’s personal vision. And then have the teachers to develop a shared vision for overcoming the implied diversity challenge. Then and only then is the information provided important. The information will allow teachers to develop a plan collectively for overcoming the diversity challenges in their school.

Another form of diversity training that has failed miserably is Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice as a program has great promise in that personnel are now in the schools to support overcoming the diversity challenge. When a problem with a student and teacher arises the personnel are on the campus to help support the student and mend things between the teacher and students.

Another benefit of Restorative Justice is  economical. The Restorative Justice platform actually employs people who are not direct employees of the school. Which results in employment for some individuals that will contribute economically to the local economy.

The problem with Restorative Justice is that it removes the power from the teacher. In the classroom the teacher is the primary tool for learning. The teacher is the power broker in the classroom and when teachers are no longer empowered, the learning that is necessary is no longer existent. 

We must be able to meld the positive characteristics of both approaches in order for students to benefit. The Raccelerate Nexus provides the benefits that are lacking from all other professional development platforms.

The Raccelerate Nexus is a seven step professional development process designed to eliminate disproportionate discipline in schools. During the process educators transition from the cause of disproportionate discipline to the ability to evaluate the progress of their school towards their final goal.

The seven steps for the Raccelerate Nexus are:

  1. Phenomenon – The Raccelerate Phenomenon helps to explain why the disciplinary rates for black male students is disproportionate.
  2. Formula – The Raccelerate Formula helps educators reflect on their practice to avoid the atrocities associated with allegations of racism. It is a free formula that helps to calculate any potential racism in the classroom or school
  3. Formula App – The Raccelerate Formula App is flexible and provides stress free monitoring.  The app helps the teacher or administrator to see how students, the school, and classrooms fare on avoiding racism without leaving the comfort of their home. The Formula App is only available on Google Play platform.
  4. Formula Science – Provides the information that authenticates The Raccelerate Formula.
  5. Continuum – The Raccelerate Continuum has eight pillars for safe discussions involving racism.
  6. Portfolio – The Raccelerate Achievement Portfolio (RAP) is an instrument that schools utilize as they implement diversity training associated with the Raccelerate Nexus.
  7. Evaluation – The Raccelerate Evaluation tool is used by teachers and schools to evaluate their progress towards accomplishing their goals associated with the diversity training.  

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