If you like to hear a story about how an administrator promoted positive racial teacher student classroom relationships and helped a school to become an award winning model, then you’ll love this.

I conducted a thorough quantitative analysis of my school and found that Black students were overrepresented in disciplinary infractions. Black students accounted for 45% of the processed disciplinary infractions while accounting for 33% of the student population. Hispanics, Whites, and Asians students accounted for 53%, 1%, and 1% of the processed disciplinary infractions, respectively

I was not totally convinced that there was a racial problem, so I conducted a cultural analysis. I found discrepancies such as administrator beliefs and teacher overemphasis of discipline. For example, several other administrators believed that the parents of the students sent their children to the school to receive discipline. Others teachers believed that students needed to receive double discipline for the same infraction

Still not totally convinced, I interviewed several teachers and students. After evaluating the transcripts and considering all of the collected data, I understood that this was a racial challenge and forged forward to help the students and the organization

Eliminating the perception of racism and the racial tensions between teacher and students resulted in this school receiving several awards. They were honored with the Title 1 distinguished School of Excellence. For two consecutive years after leaving the school, they were honored as a  US News and World Report Bronze Medal School. They were also honored as a New Jersey School of Character – one of three high schools in the state to receive this honor for that year.

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