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Schools will increasingly become responsible to eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans. Researchers are reporting that age differences have minimal impact on the developed opinions that continue to perpetrate historical challenges associated with racism. Not only will schools need to identify contributory factors but they will need to develop positive transformative processes that eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans. 

According to the article, The hidden racism of young white Americans, researcher Sean McElwee reports that age is a minimal factor that contributes to the ongoing racism in America. He reports that no matter what the age group, Whites continue to believe that Blacks are lazy and unintelligent. An assumption that has little truth but is not the focus of this article. 

McElwee contributes institutionalized racism to other factors such as the approval of tax credits for poor Blacks rather than wealthy Whites. He also surmises that institutional racism continues to evolve from Black and Latino children growing up in poor neighborhoods to college graduation rates to the mass incarceration of Blacks and Latinos to the insensitivity of Whites to acknowledge that racism in America is problematic.

McElwee has made a critical error with the assumption that the hidden racism of young White Americans is not age related. In fact, he has proven that the systemic and institutionalized racism is a product of the schools. This assumption is a fallacy due to a citation in the research of Spencer Piston of the Campbell Institute at Syracuse University. According to Campbell, 51 percent of Whites between the ages of 17 and 34 rated Blacks lazier than Whites as well as 43 percent Whites believe Blacks are unintelligent. 

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Where does a 17-year-old develop a perception that Blacks are lazy and unintelligent?

Sure, the media and family has an impact. However, there are many ways that schools and staff members perpetrate or support the hidden racism of young White Americans. 

Many of the supports that contribute to the hidden racism of young White Americans involves communication and perceptions. White teachers and historically underserved students have perceptions regarding the perspectives of one another. For example, many Blacks believe that the way to get ahead is not through merit and talent but through White patronage. Young Whites in schools witness this process when historically underserved students interact with White teachers. This provides White students with a sense of entitlement for which contributes to hidden racism of young White Americans. 

For the sake of brevity, White female teachers have the controlling power which results in school instructional procedures, cultural values, orientations, and perceptions that differ from those of Black students that are witnessed by young White students. This concept is a product of the Raccelerate Phenomenon.

Finally, communication is a primary contributor to the hidden racism of young White Americans. I recently remember observing an elementary class where the teacher called the attention of the students by using the command “eyes on me”. This teacher required that students make eye contact with her.

Individuals use facial expressions such as eye contact to convey liking for another individual. Whites believe maintaining eye contact in face-to-face communication is most desirable. White Americans believe maintaining eye contact communicates trustworthiness, masculinity, sincerity, and directedness and conclude when Blacks fail to maintain eye contact that Blacks have something to hide.

Some Black parents teach their children that looking an adult in the eye is a sign of disrespect while White children learn to do the opposite. Something as small as eye contact requirements contributes to the hidden racism of young White Americans as well as other communication challenges.

Schools will need to follow the following steps to eclipse the hidden racism of young Whites.

Just like institutionalized racism is a process, to eclipse the hidden racism of young White Americans is a process which is outlined above.

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