In a recent article, an author believes that racism in education is perpetrated by Black teachers who support democrats. The culture that dominates schools is a product of the values embraced by the dominant race. Black teachers only contribute to racism in education due to the school student racial disparities.

According to the article, several Black educators are responsible for the racism in education. For example, a Black substitute was nationalized for using a whip to break up a fight between four Black students. This Black substitute was a twenty year veteran educator and former vice principal. In Detroit, a Black teacher was also nationalized for using a broomstick to stop two Black teenagers from fighting in class. The author goes on to attack, Barrack Obama for new polices designed to eliminate the over-discipline of Black students. It is evident that this author’s agenda is politics, rather than the injustices that Black students face on a daily basis.

What are the school-student racial disparities that continue to contribute to racism in education?

Schools encompass cultural expectations that present challenges for Black students. Schools and Black student conflict result from expectation differences. One of the major causes for racism in education is the lack of cultural harmonization and negative teacher expectations that result in hidden and often unintended conflict between teachers, both Black and white, and their students. Teachers who are culturally different from their students have a greater challenge creating a trusting environment when cultural diversity and race factors are not put on the table by the school and students perceive these factors as important to their identity and school success. School leaders must stop assuming that all the reasons for Black children’s problems and failures with school rest with the children and accept the fact that much of the responsibility rests with the school system.

Many school social codes are unfamiliar and opposed to culturally diverse student home codes like Blacks. Blacks have difficulty with school instructional concepts and ideas that are absent in their community, culture, or economic environment that ignore or misrepresent their present condition. School instructional procedures include cultural values, orientations, and perceptions that differ from those of Black students. Inappropriate curriculum and instruction are concerns that make reversing underachievement for culturally diverse students difficult. “Most elementary and secondary school curriculum provides an advantage for White middle-class children. Public schools continue to have culturally based philosophies and curricula that focus on White European and Judeo-Christian values. Instructional materials and instructors who work well for European students do not necessarily work well for culturally diverse students, and to believe that they do is to assume Black, Latino, American Indian, Asian, Arab and African immigrants, and European-origin students have identical personal, social, cultural, historical, and family traits.

School instructional procedures include cultural values, perceptions, and orientations that differ from those of Black students. Students who are not interested in school may meet teacher demands for compliance with resistance. Blacks acquire cultural values, attitudes, and learning styles that conflict with values, attitudes, and learning styles needed for success in public schools. Exposing minority students to conditions such as limited parental access to economic and educational resources, conflicting ideas about cultural transmission and primary language use in the home, and interaction style that does not prepare students for typical teacher-student interaction patterns prepare students for school failure before they begin to attend school. Individuals who accept school cultural orientation values expect passivity by the learner, authoritative transmission of information by the teacher, individual effort aimed at completing assigned tasks, performance recognition, avoidance of confrontations, and minimal antagonisms. In school, students become passive informational recipients while in their culture they are involved in a learning experience that is give and take, and in one situation, they may be the learner and in another situation, they are the teacher. Black students can benefit from teachers who show concern and care for students by establishing family- and community-like classroom environments that include telling personal anecdotes, using relevant course material, and modifying interaction styles that entertain and engage students.

Black teachers are responsible for enforcing the same rules and policies that embrace and fuel racism in education.

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One thought on “Are Black teachers the answer to racism in education?”

  1. The good doctor somehow missed the gist of the article. The title is a merely a hook. Black teachers (a.k.a. Democrats) are not racists against black kids, generally speaking. The point is — liberal ideology — is racist against blacks, particularly poor blacks – period. Liberals (regardless of color) make the racist policies of public schools. Who runs urban schools? White conservatives? No. Who makes the discipline policies? White conservatives? No. Who refuses to protect responsible black kids from dysfunctional hoodlums? White conservatives? No. Liberals do. That’s who. Liberals are wicked sociopathic racists who support the mass murder of innocent, unborn, black babies, the deviancy of homosexuality, government addiction (among other addictions), and a plethora of other godless values. Liberals removed God from schools. Liberals brain wash kids with evolution, teaching kids they are the result of some random cosmic accident. No wonder America is a disaster. Know the Father. Know Hope.

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