In a recent article, an Oklahoma City Public School audit reveals a devastating pattern of racism in education. The audit was requested by new Superintendent of Schools Rob Neu. Oklahoma City Public School teachers can avoid the perception of racism in education by utilizing The Raccelerate Racism Formula.

According to the article, the most common reasons for suspension included disruptive behavior, defiance of authority and fighting, according to the district.

The audit also found discrepancies in how students are punished for the same infractions within the same school.

“While one student may be given one day of suspension for an incident, another student may be suspended 10 days for the same offense,” the audit found. “This is supported by the average length of suspensions across the district.”

The difference in suspension rates between races is dramatic at some schools.

At Taft, 52.5 percent of black students have been suspended as of March of this school year, compared with 24.8 percent for Hispanics and 25.2 percent for whites.

At Jefferson Middle School, the audit shows 31.6 percent of black students and 14.7 percent of white students were suspended through March.

Suspension of Hispanic students at Jefferson increased during the same period, from 10.8 percent to 14.7 percent.

John Marshall Middle School had the largest discrepancy in suspensions between white and Hispanic students.

The audit shows 18.8 percent of Hispanic students have been suspended so far this year, compared with 10.4 percent of white students. The audit also shows 20.9 percent of black students have been suspended.

At U.S. Grant High School, 44 students never returned to school after being suspended, according to the audit.

In some cases, the school created obstacles that prevented students from enrolling, according to auditors who spoke with parents.

“Also when called, parents indicated they were told there was no space to enroll at Grant or student would waste time since late in year,” the audit said.

The audit also found several schools referred too many students to alternative education programs.

Since 66% of the most common reasons for suspensions involved interactions between students and teachers it will benefit teachers to use a process that avoids the racism in education label. Many suspensions begin with the teacher submitting a discipline referral for student behavior. Teacher can use the Raccelerate Racism Formula as a tool to determine if they could possibly become label as a teacher who enforces racism in education.

The Raccelerate Racism Formula

The Raccelerate Racism Formula has roots from The Raccelerate Phenomenon. The Raccelerate Racism Formula provides schools and teachers a formula for determining possible racism in education against students in their school or school district. The symbol for the Raccelerate Racism Formula is denoted: RRF

School Version

RRF = In (Number of Students Suspended)/ Total Number of Students) + 5.4

In = Natural Log

The Raccelerate Racism Scale is a 0 to 10 numerical scale.

RRF Possible Racial Problem
0-1 No
1-2 Slight
2-3 Moderate
3-4 High
4-10 Extreme


Teacher Version

RRF = In (Number of Student Discipline Referrals)/ Total Number of Students) + 5.4

In = Natural Log

The Raccelerate Racism Scale is a 0 to 10 numerical scale.

RRF Possible Racial Problem
0-1 No
1-2 Slight
2-3 Moderate
3-4 High
4-10 Extreme

Raccelerate Racism Scale Small


Oklahoma City teachers can avoid the racism in education label by utilizing The Raccelerate Racism Formula and The Raccelerate Racism Scale.

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