In a recent article, author Colin Flaherty claims that Black students engage in discrimination by targeting White teachers for teacher student fights. The article cites several incidents in which a Black student has attacked a White school staff member. The article is one sided and offers little as a solution to the alleged targeting of teacher student fights of White teachers by Black students.

According to the author, the recent incidents in which Black students have engaged in discrimination against White teachers are as follows:

The bitterness that Black students exhibit towards White teachers in the form of targeting White teachers for teacher student fights begins in preschool. According to a United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights report, Black preschool students represent 18% of the enrollment, but 48% of children receiving more than one out-of school suspension. Comparatively, White preschool students represent 43% of preschool enrollment but 26% of students receiving more than one out of school suspension.

One major problem between primary school teachers and their students is that primary school teachers often yell at the students as part of the classroom management process.

A recent article reported that fourth grade students conspired to kill their teacher because she yelled at them. In the same incident, One student stated that her teacher “yells at us and that the class has problems with her.”

School districts have responded to the alleged Black students aggressions by increasing the quantity of disciplinary consequences for Black students. We know this because Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than White students. On average, 5% of White students are suspended, compared to 16% of Black students. To support their zero-tolerance polices, school officials have infused the services of security to include the local police officers. This continued support of racism in education has resulted in Black students representing 27% of the students referred to law enforcement while accounting for only 16% of the student enrollment and 31% are subjected to a school-related arrest. Comparatively, White students represent 51% of enrollment, but only 41% are referred to law enforcement, and 39% of those arrested.

Another major problem of how White teachers contribute to Black students targeting White teachers for teacher student fights is their refusal to accept the Black student culture.

White teachers continue to reject both nonverbal and verbal tendencies of Black students and continue to perpetuate a tradition of classroom racism (Pertcrism). The eventual Black student response is to target them for teacher student fights due to classroom racism (Cloomism). The only way to successfully eliminate classroom racism is to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

Once White teachers make the decision to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships) they can expect for Black students to refrain from targeting them for teacher student fights.

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