In a recent article, Why we can’t educate racism away, the author believes that racism is rooted in a structural problem which will require focusing on the socioeconomic structure that supports racism. He goes on to state that “Wor8king on these problems is going to take a massive nationwide policy effort”. This will include Prison and sentencing reform, ending the drug war, overhauling American policing, and implementing quota-based affirmative action as a starting point. While it is plausible that the author has voiced and had his opinions published, the strategies will become fruitless without correcting the root to the problem.

Several States have taken bold moves to reduce the number of inmates through prison sentencing reform. According to the article, Sentencing reform has slowed, not stopped inmate growth, Alabama judges have switched to presumptive guidelines which allow them to consider reduced sentencing for drug and theft cases. Even though the number of inmates has decreased, it can only have limited success because it is limited to drug and theft cases.

Ending the drug war may become a catastrophe for the economics in the United States. Like any other business, selling drugs contributes to the economy. People who sell drugs also buy clothes, food, incidentals. pay rent, purchase cars and sometimes purchase homes. According to, The Economics of Selling Drugs, gang expenses went to buying the drugs, hiring mercenary fighters, giving money to the gang hierarchy, paying for funerals for its members, buying weapons, and paying its members. On the other side, the drug trade contributes to the necessity of police officers, lawyers, bailsmen, gun manufactures, and the list is endless. The drug war contributes heavily to the economy of the United States.

Overhauling the American police could also have a catastrophic impact on the economy. If we take the Michael Brown shooting and the Eric Garner chocking death as our examples, those events have also generated an economic movement in the United States. People who have made the decision to protest both the Michael Brown shooting and Eric Garner choking death have had to contribute to the economy in order to protest. Protestors have to spend money on travel expense. If they are traveling a long distance they may have to pay for air fare, train fare, bus fare, or fill the car up with gasoline. The long distance travelers may have to spend the night which means that they are now spending money on lodging. The same thing happens for the American Police. When they are called to respond to protesters they are normally rewarded with overtime pay. Many of them will take the overtime pay and go on lavish vacations, purchase cars, or even put a down payment on a home. Therefore contributing to the economics of the United states.

Finally, implementing a quota-based affirmative action is ineffective. Quota- based affirmative action strategies have lead to reverse discrimination lawsuits by Whites. Reverse discrimination is discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group or in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group. In Prince George’s County Public School, a White teacher was awarded $350,000 in a reverse discrimination lawsuit. In Minnesota, several former employees are suing a Mexican Restaurant over a hiring policy which excludes all races except Mexican. In New York, a White police officer was awarded $1,350,000 for a reverse discrimination lawsuit. The system of racism has found ways for economical benefits and in the case of non economical benefits, Whites a have found alternative way to benefit from racism.

Racism is a structural problem. However, we you are attempting to transforms a system you must use an approach to avoid the further dysfunctional behaviors associated with a dysfunctional system.

Overcoming the racial problems that continue to plague the Black community and contribute to White economics will require the elimination of classroom racism (Elcloomism). This is where the racial behaviors are reinforced by a majority White female teaching staff. This is the point of inflection that begins to decide the future of all students and for Black students it becomes the filter for a possible future in America or a future in poverty or a future in prison. This can only happen by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

This approach will not create the dysfunctional responses to power over leadership associated with pprison and sentencing reform, ending the drug war, overhauling American policing, and implementing quota-based affirmative action as a starting point. It will allow a system that embraces racism to transform overtime and make the necessary adjustments so that astronomical response will injure the American economy or its people.

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