In a recent article, students who attend New York Public Schools have not benefited from transferring out of underperforming schools. There is an estimated 250 underperforming schools for which students have the right to transfer to another school. Transferring to another school provides several challenges which include student safety, and the impact on both the sending and receiving school.

New York Public Schools city and state officials are implementing several strategies designed to fix the most troubled schools. Mayor de Blasio has implemented a $150 million dollar plan to improve schools by providing on-site social services, teacher training, and adding an additional hour to the instructional day.

New York Public Schools chancellor Carmen Farina is focused on improving the two least performing schools – Boys and Girls High and Automotive High School – by replacing staff at the end of the year. She is creating a committee to decide which teachers need to be replaced.

Transferring students provides safety challenges for students travel. Students must either get up earlier to travel to the school and can expect to get late on most evening. This may not provide enough time to study especially since de Blasio intends to extend the school day.

Transferring to another school has a monetary impact on the sending school. The school that the students will lose the money that was in the budget to educate that student. This have a direct impact on the educational services for the sending school. In most cases the easiest place to make up for this deficit is to dismiss teachers from the sending school. This will have an impact on classroom size which ultimately impacts student achievement.

Transferring to another school has an impact on the receiving school. When the sending school has enough transfers then there exist the possibility for restructuring of the classes. Class size will increase which means that the school will have hire additional staff. Hiring additional staff mean additional cost for the school and if there are not enough transfers the receiving school could go into a deficit.

In 2014, 6662 students applied for transfers in the New York City Public Schools. Seventy-two percent of the students or 4,847 students were able to transfer. It is estimated that it cost New York $18,618 to educated one child. Therefore there is a potential gain for a sending school of $90, 241,446. But this also means that there is a potential lost of the same amount for sending school.

If a teacher is dismissed from the sending school and the receiving school must hire new teachers there is a lost for replacing the teacher. The salary for a beginning teacher is $45,530 this year. It cost one and one half times the teachers salary to replace the teacher. Assuming a classroom size of 25 students, the number of teacher needed for 4,847 teachers is approximately 194 teachers. With a teacher replacement cost of $68,295 there is a potential lost of $13,249,230.

When a student transfers to another school they are effectively transferring to another environment which has been produced by the culture of the school. The New York Public School would benefit form a process that transitions the culture of the school into a productive New York Public school culture.

Transitioning a New York Public School culture involves utilizing a team building process for teachers. New Your Public School need only to implenent the following three basic steps:

  • Conduct a school cultural analysis
  • Develop a school shared vision
  • Implement a strategic plan

New York Public Schools can potentially saves millions by transforming the culture of underperforming schools.

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