You have begun a major transition with the intent of improving the racial relationships between teachers and students in the Guntown Middle School because of a teacher racist remark. A recent newspaper article revealed that a teacher made a racist remark towards two Black female students. Superintendent Jimmy Weeks stated that ” Once the administration at the school was made aware of what happened, the proper disciplinary measures were taken in accordance to school district policy”. Even though the school district has taken the appropriate steps, several parents do not agree with the actions of the school district of the school district and want the employee fired for the teacher racist remark. One parent stated that “We went through to much as a people to have to go back to being called colored, to being called the N-word …”. The parents are now seeking legal counsel and the support of the local NAACP.

The transition that your need can only be accomplished by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships. Otherwise, the name calling incident is going to hamper the efforts of your school. You will see a decrease in student achievement because many students will side with the students and feel that putting their best foot forward is not productive at this time. These students who chose to take this perspective will have the support of their parents because they oppose the teacher racist remark. You will also see an increase in student fights and possible bullying incidents. Some students will side with the teacher and other students will side with the students. This will cause tension in your school and eventually you will see children acting out resulting in student fights. You will also have an increase in student disciplinary infractions. Students will become disrespectful towards teachers and teachers will have to respond by submitting disciplinary referrals. This incident is going to hamper the culture of your school without the appropriate program that appropriately addresses teacher racist remarks.


The objectives of this consulting assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved teacher student racial relationships
  • Improved teacher parent racial relationships
  • Reducing the need for police or security intervention
  • Using this opportunity to improve community relations
  • Preventing problems before the more expensive and sometimes embarrassing contingent actions are taken.


The value of this project is multifold, including:

  • Reduced perception that the Guntown Middle School endorses teacher racist remarks
  • Reduce alleged racial conflicts between the Guntown Middle School and the community
  • Reduce racial tensions between teachers and students
  • Reduce racial tensions between students and students
  • Avoiding the negative media associated with accusations of racism
  • Improved community relations


The maximum transition time is estimated to take 11 months (excluding the summer months when school is not in session), which is a reasonable expectation, barring unforeseen developments. I am able to begin within a week of your approval, provided that it is forthcoming by mid-November.


There are three levels of interaction that can be effective for this project, depending on the degree of help and participation you desire from your consultant.

Option #1: Leadership Training Seminar

  • Learn the essential components for eliminating teacher students classroom tensions
  • Learn how the components of a dysfunctional organization contribute to teacher student classroom tensions in schools
  • Learn the essential components necessary for implementing an organizational transition that reduces teacher student tensions

Option #2: Audit

  • Evaluate root cause(s) of teacher student tensions using quantitative methods
  • Evaluate root cause(s) of teacher student tensions using qualitative methods
  • Evaluate values, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute to teacher student tensions
  • Develop Systemic Structure to determine best starting point to reduce teacher student tensions
  • Determine best leadership practices for reducing teacher student tensions

Option #3: Promoting Positive Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships Program

  • Pre and post audit
  • Determine root cause(s) using quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Develop Systemic Structure to determine best starting point to reduce teacher student tensions
  • Determine values, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute to teacher student tensions
  • Conduct a leadership analysis to determine most effective team for implementing the program implementation
  • Facilitate 11 month program
  • Facilitate 10 customized Promoting Positive Teacher Student Classroom Relationships Strategic Planning sessions
  • Finalize an organizational manual for Promoting Positive Teacher Student Classroom Relationships
  • This option is for organizations that desire to maximize the effectiveness of this transition.

Note that all options include unlimited access to my time and help within the parameters described.


You would be responsible for internal scheduling, reasonable access to key personnel, on-site administrative support, and reasonable access to past and current documentation that would aid the project. I would sign all required nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. We agree to immediately appraise each other of any intelligence or findings that would impact the success of the project so that rapid action could be considered.


For the purpose of this contract, I am not assessing a daily or hourly rate. You should not have to make an investment decision every time my assistance may be needed, nor should your people have to seek permission to spend money if they need my help. This is a unique feature of my consulting practice. The fees for this contract a for one individual school of your choosing.

Fees for the options are:

Option 1: $ 6,710 (Limited to 25 people)

Option 2: $ 30,970.

Option 3: $ 66,780.

These fees are inclusive of expenses, so long as all work required is in the general Lee County Mississippi area. All travel, administrative, logistical, and com­munication expenses are included, so there is no further amount due for either option.

Payment terms are as follows:

  • Fifty percent due on acceptance of this proposal.
  • Fifty percent due 45 days after acceptance.

We offer a courtesy discount of 10 percent when the full fee is paid upon acceptance.


Your signature below indicates acceptance of this proposal and the terms and conditions herein. Alternatively, your initial payment per the terms above will also represent acceptance of this proposal.

Please check the option you prefer:    __ #1 __ #2 __#3 to eliminate teacher racist remarks.

For The Saving Empire:

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Name: Derrick L. Campbell, Ed.D

Title: Chief Executive Officer


Date: September 23, 2014

For the Guntown Middle School

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________


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