In a recent turn of events, a former FBI Agent was paid $150,000 to spy on children which has resulted in racial profiling of Black students. The racial profiling expulsion rate for the Huntsville City Public Schools Black students is 86% and their suspension rate is 78%. Racial profiling not only impacts the Black community but it also has a financial benefit for the White community.

According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon, Black students are racially profiled on a continual basis. The Raccelerate Phenomenon is consistent with Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states for every action there is an equal and opposite action. The Raccelerate Phenomenon states that for every action that a Black male takes against a White female there is an opposite and excessive reaction towards the Black male.

In schools, Black males enter the classroom with nonverbal, verbal, and cultural values that are different from White female teachers. For example, Black children are taught that looking an adult directly in the eye is disrespectful while Whites are taught that looking a person in the eye conveys trust. This simple contrast of values can lead to classroom clashes that are detrimental to the Black male and the Black community.

This reaction is consistent with the Raccelerate Phenomenon in that there is an excessive and opposite reaction towards the Black male students. This overreaction by schools has resulted in excessive discipline of Black students that results in racial profiling.

According to the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, the pattern of excessive discipline for Black students begins in preschool. While Black preschool children only represent 18% of the preschool population, they represent 48% of the out of school suspensions. White preschool students represent 43% of the preschool enrollment, but represent only 26% of the out of school suspensions. As students continue to progress through school, the suspension rate for Blacks continues with the same pattern as preschoolers. Black students are five time more likely to be suspended from school when compared to White students. The suspension rate for Whites is 5%, while the suspension rate for Blacks is 16%. Black girls are suspended at a rate of 12% which exceeds the rate for White boys which is 6%.

The excessive reaction towards Blacks is evident in the number of Black students who are referred to law enforcement. Black students represent 16% of student enrollment but account for 27% of the students who are referred to law enforcement and 31% are arrested. While White student represent 51% of the population, 41% of White students are referred to law enforcement and only 39% are arrested.

While many claim that the reason for excessive discipline is to keep schools safe, this pattern has provided a benefit for White families and their existence. White families benefit because 83% White females graduate high school compared to 54% Black males who graduate high school.

Since public schools have a majority White female teaching staff, White female students benefit because their culture is consistent with the values and culture of the White female teacher and therefore White female students get more benefits when compared to Black male students. This overtime has benefited the White family because a high school graduate earns more money that a non-high school graduate. High school graduate is also afforded greater opportunities to increase their wealth by attending and graduating from college which is an opportunity not afforded to non high school graduates who are victimized by racial profiling.

The benefits of racial profiling of Black students are astonishing because many of these students who face the racial tension in schools choose to drop-out of school. A high school dropout makes on average $19,000 a year, a high school graduate makes $28,000 a year, a college graduate makes $51,000 a year. Over the course of a career, a college grad will make nearly $1 million more than a high school graduate. These difference are the direct result of racial profiling and have benefited the White family.

Furthermore, there is a second way that racial profiling of Black students benefits White families. When there is a classroom clash between a White female teacher and a Black male student, many of the White female teachers are intimidated by the Black male student. If this White female teacher decided to leave the teaching profession it could be devastating to the income of that White family, It could also be detrimental to the White family because many teachers have a schedule that is conducive to the upbringing of children. Teachers normally have every evening off and every weekend off which affords them the opportunity to continue to raise their children while earning a salary.

Racial profiling of Black male students is detrimental to the Black community and benefits the White community. The appropriate response from the Huntsville Public Schools is to eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism) by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

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