As the 2014 midterm elections are hours away, the elections will determine the real impact that President Obama has had on America. Ross Douthat outlined four theories that he believe are responsible for the possible negating impact that Obama has had on America. None of the theories include the real challenges which is an lack of trust by Americans

When Obama ran for president, it created an excitement because many believed that a Black president would enhance the quality of life for all by eliminating that racism that continues to plague America. For example, the rich have admitted that their causes for increased wealth are hampered by the income inequality gap which is created by racism. Scores of minorities packed the polls in a hope to elect a president that would enhance their quality of life. Women who have been ostracized by men and subjected to unequal revenue rushed to elect a man who could further their cause. Children who are subjected to the economic conditions beyond their control expressed hope that Obama would make presidential decisions that would benefit them and at least prices them with a fair shake at climbing out of the dungeon. America truly believed that a president of Obama’s ethnic background could truly save America.

Even the world community anticipated and drooled over the possibility that Obama’s leadership as president bought to the table. They could see Islamic and African countries who in the past were completely in opposition to capitalism, now grasping and inviting a concept that could possible enhance the overall quality of life for their people. European nations could benefit from relationships instead of the past strategies that Islamic and African countries continue to oppose.

They were looking for a president who would follow the path outlined by Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. They were looking for a social justice leader who had the position. Power, brains, and guts to lead a world compounded with unjust acts that have placed the world in a position of total collapse. They were looking for a true social justice leader.

However, what the people of this world must remember is that the system for which the U.S. Government operates in is consistent with a bureaucracy. According to Merriam-Webster, a bureaucracy is a large group of people who are involved in running a government but who are not elected.  The latest census of elected officials reveals that there are 542 elected federal officials which include 540 members of congress which include:

  • 100 Senators
  • 435 Representatives
  • A resident commissioner from Puerto Rico
  • 1 delegate from the District of Columbia
  • 1 delegate from American Samoa
  • 1 delegate from Guam
  • 1 delegate from Virgin Islands
  • 1 President and Vice President

The size of the federal government has increased to 2.15 million employees. Herein lies the dilemma for Obama. Obama took an oath when he first entered office as specified by Article 2, Section 1 of the constitution. The oath does not include the many dreams and aspirations that people embraced when they thought that a president of Obama’s ethnicity could deliver.

The second point to consider is the demographics of the bureaucracy. The Federal workforce is 66 percent White followed by 17.8 percent Black, 8.1 percent Hispanic, 5.6 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 1.7 percent Native American, 0.8 percent non-Hispanic/Multi-racial. This is the demographics for the workforce that would be responsible for carrying out any orders and initiatives of the president. With a majority White workforce any initiative designed to enhance the different races was doomed and would therefore be deemed as unpopular in country that has consisted of a majority White federal workforce for decades.

Obama lost America because he did not deliver on perceived social justice leaderships issues, the racial demographics of the federal government and the country inhibited the implied promises that many though he could deliver.

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