In a recent edition of Time Magazine, the front cover has once again infuriated teachers. The newly published Time Magazine has created a response from teachers that include emails, tweets, a petition, a demand for an apology, and a call for a boycott. Time has insulted teachers by the implications on the magazine cover.

In 2008, one Time Magazine publication showed then chancellor of District of Columbia Public SchoolsMichelle Rhee – standing in a classroom holding a broom with the headline: How to Fix America’s Schools. The picture implied that he only way to improve schools was to fire staff members. During her tenure as chancellor, she fired scores of teachers and administrators and created an assessment instrument which evaluated each adult in the school. Her strategy did not close the achievement gap which was the original intent of her initiative.

The recent Time Magazine cover depicts a gavel above an apple with the headline: Rotten Apples: It’s Nearly Impossible to Fire a Bad Teacher. This magazine cover has infuriated teachers across the nation which has not hurt their visibility.

The backlash from teachers has a direct correlation to the Raccelerate Phenomenon. The Raccelerate Phenomenon is consistent with Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon any action that a Black male takes against a White female there is an opposite and excessively opposite reaction towards that Black male.

We find that the Raccelerate Phenomenon was in effect during the OJ Simpson trial. OJ Simpson had a allegedly killed a White female – Nicole Brown. He was acquitted by a predominately Black jury of any criminal charges. However, the Brown and Goldberg families were awarded in excess of 30 million dollars after civil litigation.

We also find the Raccelerate Phenomenon in effect in the death of Emmett Till. Emmett till at the age of 14 was lynched for allegedly flirting with a White woman. In September 1955, the husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Miliam were acquitted of the death of Emmett Till. Bryant and Milliam admitted shortly thereafter to the kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till.

As with OJ Simpson and Emmett Till, the Time Magazine backlash is result of the Raccelerate Phenomenon. The Raccelerate Phenomenon sets the stage for how the public responds to any perceived attack on White females. Since the teacher population is approximately 72% White female the backlash against Time Magazine is predictable.

Time Magazine should not apologize for what they believe to be true.

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