In a recent article, a Salem Oregon teacher has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly bullying a female student. The student was attempting to leave the classroom before class ended. As the teacher attempted to stop the student, the teacher ripped off the girls shirt, which rendered her topless. The student responded by telling the teacher to get off of her and then responded “I cannot be here…I’m so stressed out”. The student started crying and asked the other students who were startled to look away.

The incident must have been embarrassing for the student, her parents, and the teacher. To be stripped down to a bra in front to of your peers is paramount to being stripped of all dignity in front of your peers. It is consistent with the behavior that I have found with many elementary school teachers which is to scream, holler, and intimidate little children into learning.

The parents must be thinking what is the problem with this alternative school. My child is in this school and the only result that I have seen is a video of my child being bullied by a White teacher. The literacy program at the alternative school is designed to provide face to face instruction so that students can attain reading levels to successfully receive their GED.

The teacher definitely made a mistake and should be fired for the encounter. The encounter is paramount to bullying a students. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuseintimidate, or aggressively dominate others. In this case, the teacher used force to dominate the student.

For teachers who may face similar bullying incidents, you can only restrain the student if they are attempting to hurt themselves or another individual. You cannot use excessive force. If the student decides to walk out of the class you are better off allowing the students to walk out of the class and maintain order for the other students in the class. Even though you are responsible for the hall walker, you are also responsible for the other students in the class.

As a rule of thumb, never put you hands on someone else’s child unless they are going to harm themselves or in the process of attempting to hurt someone else. Think about it this way. Would you want someone to accuse you of beating up on little children? Would you want to hear that an adult in your child’s school has been bullying their child?

Since the teacher was White and the school is going to encounter racial problems. The Black students are going to be fearful of White teachers which will result in them becoming unresponsive during instruction. This means that the school will become unsuccessful with attaining its mission helping students to attain their GED. Parents will continue to regret he school district and will remain unsupportive of the schools efforts. The racial tensions between teachers and students will increase resulting in failure for teachers and failing students.

The only way for this alternative school to overcome this problem is to eliminate classroom racism by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.

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