A teacher student fight erupted in a Baltimore School which resulted in the both the teacher and student being excused from the school. The Baltimore teacher is on administrative leave while the student is facing criminal charges. The teacher student fight began when the teacher was giving a test to the students. I am recommending several strategies for teachers who are giving a test to Black students in order to avoid teacher students fights.


  • Structure your classroom in a cooperative learning structure. Many Black students excel in a cooperative learning structure. The cooperative learning works well because Black students are accustomed to working as a team in their family structure. One way to ensure that students are not cheating is to develop open ended questions.


  • Design assessments that require student to orally demonstrate their learning. Black students are exceptional at demonstrating their learning through action as indicated by the number of Black students who excel in athletics, music, and dance.



  • If you decide to provide them with a test that requires them to complete the test individually, then circle the room and check for student understanding. This will reduce the likelihood that a student will explode because they do not know the material. For students who are struggling, this will provide you an opportunity to help them. You may even find that others students are struggling with a particular question as well. These few tips will help teachers to ensure that the teacher and students continue to have success instead of teacher student fights.


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