In a recent article, an Liberian man who was hospitalized in Dallas feel victim to the Ebola Virus for which now many have determined the cause for the present Ebola outbreak. Upon acceptance at the local Presbyterian Hospital, the Liberian man was gravely ill. It is unfortunate that the first victim of the Ebola virus on American soil is of a Black descent. Even more tragic is that the Ebola outbreak could have been minimized if it were not for racism in this world.

The Ebola virus seems to develop in tropical regions such as west Africa. Tropical regions are found between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. There are over 180 countries across the earth that contain tropical regions in their country. The difference for many of these countries is that they have superior medical facilities that thwart most efforts that cause such epidemics as the Ebola outbreak.

It has been the decision of world leaders, such as the G-20,    not to develop these third world countries so that they will at least have adequate medical facilities and training that will eliminate viruses such as the Ebola outbreak. Even the Asian president of the World Bank has stated that he has an interest in helping with the Ebola outbreak. His interest may be to little to late.

It is time for world leaders to reconsider the racism that selects which countries thrive in technological advancement while others continue to remain poor and unprotected. This scheme, as the Ebola outbreak continues to unwind, has proven that racism in his world is detrimental to existence of human race.

Even the animals have more common sense than to selectively eliminate of the basis of differences such as race. Animals choose to eliminate of the basis of the need to survive. Racism does not guarantee that one race will survive over the next. But what the Ebola outbreak is reminding us of is that when we deny others the necessary technology to protect themselves, we actually position ourselves to suffer as well.

The bottom line is that the Ebola outbreak is a reminder that we have a duty to protect those who can not protect themselves. And when we do not, instead of those who continue to prey on the short comings of others, the Ebola outbreak may become a reminder that at any time mankind can become the prey.

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