A recent Wallstreet Journal article implies that the real challenge with Sat scores is related to economic and not racial factors. According to the article, students with lower income brackets were out scored by students in higher income brackets. Students with an average income of up to $20,000 scored an average of 1324 points. Students with an average income in excess of $200,000 scored an average of 1722 points.

The remarkable difference in SAT scores is almost 400 points in which racism in education is the main contributing factor. The median income for Blacks is $39,005 and the median income for Whites is $57,009. While on the surface, this $16,004 difference may seem insignificant so let’s take a closer look at the numbers. The total number of Whites in the US is 245,632,107. The total number of Blacks in the US is 41,729,006. For simplicity, if each individual has the median income described, there is an income disparity between Blacks and Whites of 203,903,100. This is more than enough money to provide the academic training required to sufficiently negotiate successfully through the SAT.

The difference in SAT scores is not economical but racial. The reason for this racism in education has a direct correlation to the Raccelerate Phenomenon. According to Newton’s third law of motion, for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Raccelerate Phenomenon states that for every action of a Black male against a White female the media portrays an excessive negative reaction toward the Black male.

This phenomenon has roots in the classroom. For every negative action by a Black male in the classroom the response to this action is an excessive negative reaction. This is the primary reason why schools over discipline Black male students. The result is a minimized graduation rate for Black students which ultimately impacts the income for Blacks. The problem with SAT scores is racism which ultimately impacts the income level for Blacks.

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