In a recent article, a Prince Georges County High School Principal has allegedly bullied several staff members which resulted in civil settlements for approximately $550,000. The local NAACP and several Prince Georges School Board members have called for the removal of the principal.

With the pressure of high stakes testing accomplishment for Black students, principals may feel that it is necessary to bully or intimidate staff members. It seems that the principal has allegedly bullied support staff and has not allegedly created a hostile work environment for Prince George’s County teaching staff members.

The alleged bullying of staff members is symptomatic of a dysfunctional organization. Resorting to bullying staff maybe be a response to staff members who are non responsive to the directives of the principal. The staff member will escalate the organizational dysfunctionality by focusing on only what is negative and blaming others without admitting how they have contributed to the problem. The staff member will escalate the problem to the final level by making the principals directive undiscussible which normally results in litigation.

The dysfunctional process has to exhausting for both this principal and the staff members. The principal can offset the dysfunctionality of an organization by using a team building process. The principal begins this process by developing a shared vision for the entire school. After the shared development process the Prince Georges principal will use the shared vision as a guide for developing school goals.

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