Paymon Rouhanifard was appointed by New Jersey Governor Christie as the state controlled superintendent of Camden City Public School. While Camden Mayor Dana Redd supports the efforts of Rouhanifard, he has a history as a proponent of charter schools which has resulted in 486 children attending Renaissance schools. These charter schools are run and operated by established nonprofit networks that include KIPP, Mastery Charter Schools, and Uncommon Schools.

Rouhanifard is one of twelve superintendents assigned to Camden City over the past twenty years. In the past twenty years, Camden City superintendents have used similar strategies to that are employed by Rouhanifard. These strategies have included leadership training and school restructuring of staff and schools which is paramount to the implementation of charter schools. It is unlikely that he will remain in Camden City once the charter school movement has taken full force because he has not addressed the central problem with Camden City Schools.

Parents and students are well aware that the efforts of the State have resulted in fueling a tradition of failure for students in Camden City. Since many of the Camden residents are products of the Camden City Public Schools, why would they encourage their children to invest the time and effort needed to be more successful that their parent. The students are looking at how their parent has to work to obtain a sub level standard of living as a product of Camden City Schools.

There are glimpses that Rouhanifard scratched the surface of the problem that continues to plague Camden City Schools. He attempted to get to know Camden residents by running 4 to 5 miles in the city during the early morning hours and playing basketball with students and community leaders. He attempted to enhance community relationships and then reverted back to what he knew which is charter schools.

Relationships is the key to transforming the educational system in Camden City. The most important relationship in an educational system is the relationship between the teacher and the student. However, according to the Raccelerate Phenomenon, the media has played a major role in the demise of many of the Camden City Public School students.

Even though Camden can boast one of the most diverse teaching staff, the Raccelerate Phenomenon reveals that most school rules that dominate the present culture are the result of a White Female dominance that has set the stage for current school rules and culture. The only way to offset the Raccelerate Phenomenon is to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

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