After 25 years as Fountain Hills Public School teacher, Pam Aister was fired by the school board for characteristics similar to reverse discrimination. Aister claims that she was protecting a Black student from bullying by several White students. After an investigation by hearing officer, Prudence Lee, the Fountain Hills Unified School District Board members terminated her teaching contract.

According to the hearing reporter, it was stated that Aister responded to the students for calling the Black student names which include nigger, monkey, and coon. She has been accused of telling one of the bullying students to shut up and supposedly continued the conversation by telling the student that he had an ugly face.

The responses of the parent and school board members are consistent with the Raccelerate Phenomenon. According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon there is a extreme negative reaction towards Black men when there appears to be an infringement against a White woman. Quite naturally, anyone that attempts to protect a Black man will also encounter an extreme negative response.

In this case, the teacher has been ultimately fired for protecting a Black person. This is paramount to reverse discrimination. It appears that the School Board has discriminated against the teacher for protecting the black student. If the teacher was protecting a White student against a Black student, traditional history indicates that the teacher would not have been fired.

This is important because as the Obama administration and other entities attempt to make it punitive for the continued perpetuation of classroom racism that continues to create a permanently underclass, White teachers will increase their efforts through litigation to survive by claiming reverse discrimination.

Aister will in all probability win a reverse discrimination lawsuit against the Fountain Hills Unified School District.

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