Recently, the US Department of Education provided US schools with new guidelines for improving the quality of education for historically underserved students. The new guidelines provides schools, school districts, and states with detailed information about their legal responsibilities while suggesting how to facilitate proactive self-assessments that ensure compliance with the law.

Many Black students and parents are unaware of the guidelines and how it will ultimately impact them and their education. For those who are aware of the guidelines, they probably understand that this will be another failed attempt at using education to equalize the atrocities that my children will have to face. Parents will continue to be uncooperative and will not encourage their children at the level that is necessary for the transition that will help them succeed. Many teachers are screaming “can I just teach. Maybe this is the wrong profession for me”. School administrators must fell like once again “Big Brother” is shoving down my throat another requirement again. School administrators will ultimately become frustrated because their is little monetary gain associated with the US Department of Education guideline requirements.

Since administrators will realize that there is little monetary gain in ensuring that historically underserved students receive an appropriate education little will change until a parent sues the school district. Parents will continue to file Civil Rights complaints and when they win the insurance company will foot the bill. The negative press associated with the lawsuit will devastate the image for the school district and staff, labeling them as racist. The US Department of Education can eliminate this cycle by countering the Raccelerate Phenomenon. Based on Newton’s third law of motion which is sometimes called the action-reaction law. Whenever there is a perceived infringement by a Black male against a White female there is an overreaction portrayed in the media.

This Raccelerate Phenomenon is the cause for many of the racial tensions between Blacks and Whites. The Raccelerate Phenomenon begins in the classroom between a White female and a Black male. When the Black male is perceived as a threat to the White female teacher, he is disciplined excessively. This excessive discipline results in school failure which has intimately impacted the quality of life for all US citizens.

The U.S. Department of Education would better serve historically underserved students by providing guidelines that eliminate the classroom racism associated with the Raccelerate Phenomenon.

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