The US Justice Department intends to ban federal law enforcement profiling, according to a recent LA Times article. The new policy, will inhibit sexual orientation, religious, and racial profiling. However, national security officials and other administrators have lobbied to exclude national security investigations. This is paramount to inserting a loophole to the new federal ban.

It becomes a loophole because other intelligence agencies will have an opportunity to have claims investigated in the name of National Security. It is this type of reckless behavior that makes racial profiling prominent in our country. Since racial profiling continues to plague our country, we must devise different methods to eliminate racial profiling rather than depend on federal policies that include loopholes.

Racial profiling involves using a persons race or ethnicity by law enforcement as a key factor in deciding whether to stop them or arrest them. Racial profiling is prevalent in the US, Researchers report that across the country Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be stopped and arrested by police when compared to Whites. Eliminating racial profiling will require that we look at the roots of racial profiling.

The real question has to be where does a law enforcement personnel learn racial profiling?

Every person that is active in law enforcement also sat in a classroom in some type of educational system. Every classroom has a teacher that is responsible for her/his students. And every teacher has a set of values that they deem acceptable and enforces those values in their classroom, whether purposeful or not. Since the majority of our teaching force is White female, the values of the White female become the standard for the school culture.

According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon, there is a great chasm created by the media between the White female and the Black male. In the media, whenever something that is perceived a negative between a White female and a Black male it is exasperated by the media. This has a great impact on the racism in our country as well as racial profiling.

These racial expectations begin in the classroom. These expectations are reinforced in our school culture which results in the overrepresentation of Blacks disciplined for violating schools rules. As these perspective persons become indoctrinated into our culture and become charged with media, law enforcement, businesses, ministry work, etc., they express the same racism in our society which results from the Raccelerate Phenomenon.

Racial profiling will continue to exist because the problem is not policy, but the problem is the racial profiling that exist in the classroom.

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