You are going on a Webquest about Eric Garner. Your teacher wants to ensure that are in school everyday. Your teacher is asking you to complete this Webquest because teachers care about the survival of their students. This Webquest is designed to help you and your classmates to avoid the same thing that happened to Eric Garner.


Your task is to research the Eric Garner incident and then develop a plan for avoiding the same thing that happened to Eric Garner to happen to you. You will research the Eric Garner incident and then working in your group recommend a plan of action so that the same thing that happened to Eric Garner will not happen to you.

The Process

  • The teacher will review the scoring rubric for the task
  • The teacher will divide the students into cooperative learning groups of four. Each student is assigned a job within the group to ensure the success of the group.
  • Each group will research the Eric Garner incident.
  • Each group will create a research paper about the Eric Garner incident
  • Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation about avoiding incidents like the Eric Garner incident.


Death of Eric Garner – Wikipedia

HOMICIDE: Medical examiner says NYPD chokehold killed Staten Island dad Eric Garner

Behind the Video of Eric Garner’s Deadly Confrontation With New York Police

How Anonymous Cops Online Are Reacting to the Death of Eric Garner

Eric Garner – Google Search

Homicide Definition

What Procedures Must the Police Follow While Making an Arrest?

How Courts Work

What Can I Expect If I Am Arrested

The Criminal Process: How it Works


Webquest Scoring Rubric


Now that you have completed the Eric Garner Webquest you are better equipped to avoid incidents related to the Eric Garner incident. Each group has had an opportunity to develop survival strategies that will avoid circumstances such as the Eric Garner incident. As an extended activity, have each student to write a letter to their parents regarding their experience with the Webquest.

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