Recently, New York Mayor De Blasio, spoke about challenges associated with income inequality at Britain’s Opposition Lobour party conference in Manchester, England. De Blasio declared that income inequality is “the issue of our time throughout the globe …”. Goldman Sachs Executive Lloyd Blanfein and billionaire Warren Buffett as well as others acknowledge that income inequality continues to present an economical challenge.

De Blasio has responded to the income inequality challenge by expanding pre-kindergarten and after-school programs, expanding laws that require employers to pay workers for sick days and advocating for the city to set the minimum earning wage.

While we can applaud these strategies, we must eliminate the problem at the root. It is equivalent to having gang green on you big toe. If you do not cut off the big toe in time it is going to infect the entire foot. Left untreated it will decimate the entire body which could lead to its ultimate death.

Expanding the educational opportunities of children will only work if children are treated fairly by their teachers. We know that the infusion of pre-kindergarten opportunities does not work well for many Black Children. We know this because reports have surfaced that even Black preschool children are over disciplined by established schools which sets the stage for income inequality by creating a permanent underclass.

The best way to eliminate the creation of permanent underclass is to eliminate classroom racism (elcloomism) by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships properateasclaships).

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