A recent report by the FBI reveals that mass shootings have risen since 2000. Since 2000, the FBI have identified 160 shootings that resulted in the deaths of 486 persons and 557 were wounded. The FBI report includes the outcomes and categorical placement of the shootings. The FBI has covered up the report by excluding the demographical statistics for the shooters.

The FBI mass shooting report includes casualties, resolutions, shooter outcomes, and shootings by location. There were 1,043 incidents where 486 people were killed and 557 people were injured. In most of the incidents, the shooter ended the conflict by either suicide, stooped shooting, or fled the scene of the crime. Most events occurred in some type of business followed by an educational institute.

The FBI mass shooting report covers up the fact that the majority on the mass shootings are committed by Whites. Whites account for a little more than 90% of the mass shootings. Out of 62 shooting incidents, people of color only account for six of the mass shootings. The FBI cover up to dismiss reporting these findings falls indirect alignment with the Raccelerate Phenomenon.

The Raccelerate Phenomenon is based of Newton’s Third Law of motion. According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon, whenever there is a perceived infringement by a Black male against a White female there is an overreaction portrayed in the media. This pattern is the direct source of racism that exist in our country and has influenced how the FBI has reported its findings a well as how the media has portrayed the demographical imbalance of the mass shootings. Because of the relationship between White women and White men, it is only natural for the media to report White men in as much a positive role as possible. The exclusion of the demographical information is proof of the continued cover-up. How can we expect for the circumstance to get better when plot and plan to deceive the public.

This continued cover up can only result in Whites continuing increase the number of mass shooting. Since each White person who has committed a mass shooting has sat in classroom at least one time in their life, I would recommend elimination racism in the classroom by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.

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