In response to many school shootings, a Utah law allows teachers to carry concealed weapons in classrooms. Permit holders are not required to tell administrators. However, the law stipulates that the weapons are to remain concealed and the teacher cannot announce that he/she is carrying a weapon. It is a matter of time before the media excessively reports the death of a Black teen in the Granite School District that results from a White teacher shooting a Black student in the classroom. The Raccelerate Phenomenon will play a major role. The Raccelerate Phenomenon is based on Newton’s third law of motion. According to the law, for every action there is a negative and equal relation. According to the for every action by a Black, the media portrays an negative and extreme reaction. When applying the phenomenon to the classroom, for every perceived unacceptable action by a Black student there is a negative and excessively opposite reaction. It is a matter of time before a White teacher and a Black student in the Granite School District become involved in this type of interaction. The gun carrying White teacher will have a negative and excessive response to the Black student.

The event will be catastrophic. The Black community will respond with demonstrations and threats to the school district as well as the teacher who shot the Black teen. The police will aggressively response, which will lead to complications. Al Sharpton and his support staff a well as Jessie Jackson and the NAACP will become outspoken toward a school and state that allow teacher to carry weapons in the classroom. The

The White community will also respond to the incident. Whites who opposed the laws that allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom will of course join the Black community in demonstrations. Other Whites who support the teacher will develop strategies designed to protect the White teacher. Just like Ferguson, they will contribute funds to protect the teacher in court. The police will have to suggest that the teacher remove themselves from the community to protect them and their family.

Whether you are White or Black we have a powder keg waiting to explode. If I were a Black parent of a Black student in that community, I would either find another state to live in. If that is not possible, I would remove my child to another school district. Black parents, you can always cite the pattern of killings for Blacks by Whites that continue to plague the Black community.

The Granite School district will have to limit their liability by providing specific training for teachers. Teachers will have to learn complete restraint to the face of students who they perceive as disruptive. Administrators will have to outline a specific process that does not jeopardize the health and welfare of students who believe that they are exercising their right to become civilly disobedient as demonstrated in the Jefferson County School District.

The Granite School District will benefit by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.


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