Recently, students in the Jefferson County School District streamed out of school in protest to a school board initiative to promote patriotism, respect for authority, free enterprise, and it guard against school materials that “encourage or condone civil disorder, according to Jack Healy of the New York Times. Students waived flags, supporting parents delivered poster boards, magic markers, and bottles of water for the student protesters. One student, stated that another student rand through the hall screaming, “The Protest is Still on!” Immediately thereafter scores of students joined in the protest.

The Jefferson County Public School District has student majority of White students equaling 67%. An Hispanic population of 24% and a Black population of 1%. What seems to be missing from the article, In Colorado a Student Counterprotest to an Anti-protest Curriculum, is the presence of security or a response from the administration for disrupting the mission and climate of the school.

If the student population was a majority of Blacks, the entire media and security coverage would be different. The excessive response falls in line with the Raccelerate Phenomenon because the media has an excessive response to the actions of Black males. Since Black males are connected to Black females, the response will also be negative, but not as excessive. For demonstrations that parallel the Colorado student demonstration of disobedience, school administrators would respond to the Black students negatively by the normal excessive delving of discipline and intervention by local police officers.

While the teachers for the same Colorado school district avoided discipline by staking a sick-out in protest to the school district initiative, administrators must discipline the students for the civil disobedience otherwise they are teaching White supremacy.

When we teach White children that White supremacy is an established norm we run the risk of creating children who will take extreme measures to establish or voice there perspective. The child who ran down the hallway needs to be suspended for at least three days. Each student who participated in the demonstration needs to be suspended for at least one day.


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