A recent article, Classroom Observation Offer Biggest Room for Improvement in Teacher Evaluations, presents a solution for improving teacher evaluations by a using a racially biased instrument. Matthew Chingos reports that there is a straightforward solution. “Observation scores should be adjusted for students demographics, such as measures based as test scores already are”.

When we talk about an assessment instrument that measures racial student achievement through classroom observations then we are talking about a racial motivation. It is consistent to the present conditions that contributes to lack of student achievement in many urbanized schools. We are once again watering down the materials for children who are considered historically underserved to make a buck.

There is a long tradition of making a buck at the expense of children. As children from urban school reach adulthood many of them realize that the education system does not creat equal opportunity for them. When they become parents they are less likely to encourage children to do well in school due to their past experiences with school.

Instead of a focus on classroom observations, let’s focus on ensuring that the children have a positive experience in school. Let’s ensure that they experience success as students in school. Student success is not always consistent with the success of the teacher that is documented in many classroom observations.

Here is a thought. How about a classroom observation instrument that measures the success of the children instead of the teacher. The bottom line is that in its present state classroom observations do not work because they focus on the teacher and not the experiences of the end product which is our students.

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