In a recent article, the Cedar Rapids School District is under investigation for alleged discrimination against Black students. Records show that Black students are over disciplined at many of the Cedar Rapid Schools. This overrepresentation of Black students is a symptom of school that is racist towards Black students.

While the Iowa Department of Education has not cited the Cedar Rapids School district for racial discrimination, the data indicates a different outcome. Mary Ellen Maske stated that the school district takes equity challenges seriously and that they have a number of programs designed to improve equity and culture. She goes on to say, “What I can tell you is we have district policies, procedures and regulations to maintain a safe and orderly environment, and that is one of our top priorities”. Paul Hayes, the districts’s executive manager of learning, confirmed the school efforts to become culturally sensitive.

Students and parents must be outraged with the behavior of Cedar Rapids Schools inability to reduce racial tension. Students must feel like they are caged animals because whatever they do outside of the established norm renders a disciplinary consequence. Parents must feel outraged because the dysfunctional Cedar Rapids Schools use terms such as safe and orderly environment to validate school policies and procedures that are now detrimental to the education of Black students and seem to benefits White students.

The school district has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a Cedar Rapids School culture that does not eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism) but continues to perpetuate a tradition of classroom racism (Pertcrism). The only way that Cedar Rapids Schools can reduce their liability is to promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

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