In the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting, many concerned citizens have offered many supplements to the Ferguson School District children that range from food to school supplies to counseling for grief or trauma. Another concerned citizen wanted the Ferguson school district children to feel safe and setup a Facebook page, Parents for Peace, to encourage people to make and display back-to-school signs.

While these efforts are commendable and will make Black students and parents feel comfortable, the school district and the local community needs to better educate the children of the Ferguson School District. In a predominately Black student school district, Black students have the highest dropout rate and are outperformed academically by other students at each grade level.

The Ferguson Public School District, like many other school districts in our nation, continue to create a permanent underclass through a perpetual tradition of classroom racism (Pertcrism). It is great that people desire to help the children of Ferguson, but we must look at the bigger picture which is to educate those children so that they will become criticizes that not only thrive in this country but also make a positive contribution to our country as a whole. The real way to help the Ferguson Public School District child’s is to eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism) by Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships (Properateasclaships).

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