Initially, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ray Rice two games for a domestic violence incident. After the release of a video taken in a New Jersey casino, Goodell suspended Ray Rice indefinitely. The Baltimore Ravens decided to cut Ray from the team as a result of the video.

While I personally do not condone domestic violence, I think that it is inappropriate to punish a person three times for the same incident. It is consistent with the symptoms of a racist organization. We know that schools over discipline Black students. Over disciplining Black students is symptomatic of a school that embraces racism.

It is the same for the NFL. The over disciplining of Black players is a symptom of a racist organization. However, we have to remember that Goodell is more than likely a product of an education culture that embraced racism. As a graduate of Bronxville High School, it was more than likely acceptable for administrators and teachers to over punish Black students. As a product of this school environment, Goodell will not blink an eye when disciplining Black players.

As we can see, racism in the classroom has a tremendous impact of people who become entrusted with the lives of many. Overcoming this challenge will require that we eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism) by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

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