I thought about you and wanted to provide several classroom management tips to make this year one of your best years.
Black students are experts at the evaluation of nonverbal and nonverbal cues. The first classroom management tip for teachers is to use smiling as a nonverbal form of communication. It coveys the message to students that you care about them no matter how you behave. When you follow up with a verbal response that precludes a smile you are less likely to convey to students that you disrespect them for their culture. Smiling will also do wonders for your psyche.

The next classroom management tip for teachers is to not lay down the rules in your first week. Focus you discussion on classroom disruptions. Review that various causes for classroom disruptions. Provide them with consequences for classroom disruptions. Allow them to recommend the process for warning and ending administrative referrals for violation of the classroom disruption. This will empower your students and make them feel like they are part of the decision making process. They are now more likely to follow those classroom rules.

The final classroom management tip for teachers is to establish an environment that establishes education and not discipline. When most students become discipline challenges it normally impacts their grades. As a consequence establish a weekly academic detention session. Black parents will appreciate it when you call them not only to inform of disciplinary challenges but as an alternative you are assigning their child to academic detention so that they can earn a higher grade in your class.


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