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As both Eva Moskowitz and Mayor Bill de Blasio politically battle for New York schools the real challenge is how to transform a dysfunctional school district to enhance the education of all students. Moskowitz battles for New York schools through the charter school movement. Bill de Blasio battles by implementing new programs and alignment with the teacher union. Both Moskowitz and de Blasio use a Newtownian perspective that is doomed to fail.

Both politicians continue to either exchange parts or introduce new parts in a hope that it will fix New York schools. In a recent article, The Battle for New York Schools: Eva Moskowitz vs. Mayor Bill de Blasio, it is stated that Moskowitz “has devoted herself to training a legion of young teachers and principals in how to conjure world-class schools” … or “educational nirvana”. Eventually this resource will become depleted. De Blasio wants to add a new part to the car in the for of preschool programs which is paramount to adding safety lights to a car.

The children, teachers, and parents must feel like hostages. Children who are forced to miss school due to a political battle. Parents who are coerced into cooperation. Teachers who have become the central focus for this battle for New York school. They must feel as though their input or existence does not matter because someone has to win the battle for New York schools.

The way to battle for New York schools is to attack the electrical system which is similar to the relationships in any organization. The most important relationship in a school district is the classroom relationship between the teacher and the student. When this relationship is dysfunctional the entire school system is dysfunctional.

A school district with such a diverse student population and a White teaching staff can only win the battle for New York schools by eliminating classroom racism. Eliminating classroom racism will improve classroom achievement which will eventually increase school achievement. This will increase graduation rates which is a benefit for all of New York and our society. Will the battle for New York schools improve the education for New York students?

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De Blasio Puts Some Charter Schools on Notice

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