In a recent Wall Street Journal article by Jonathan House, companies in Carrollton, Ga. And several European companies with operations in the US are working with a few local school districts to replicate an apprenticeship program for high school dropouts. According to career and development coordinator for the Olympic Community of Schools, “The way to transform education is providing more kids with work-based learning.

This type of approach only responds to the problem after the child has dropped out of high school. This program only treats the symptom of the problem. The central problem for high school dropouts is their inability to successfully negotiate through their classes. In some cases, Black students become the high school dropouts due to differences in the cultural values that both teachers and students bring to the classroom. Many Black parents with encouraging their children to attend a school that does not deliver as promised. For example, schools emphasize that upon graduating from high school, the student will have access to opportunities that will help them to reach higher income tax brackets. But the experience of the parent is that this is not necessary true due to their personal experiences that resulted in them avoiding becoming a high school dropout.

Children also see that avoiding the high school dropout syndrome has limited benefits. They see that their parents and peers have a limited income when they only attain a high school diploma. This is the same outcome for programs that limit the advancement of the high school dropout by providing jobs that create a perpetual underclass. Solving the high school dropout problem will help with the income inequality gap that Wall Street now confirms as one of the biggest challenges that continues to plague the US economy.

Eliminating the high school dropout problem has to begin by enhancing the classroom relationships with the teacher and student. When teachers and students have positive teacher student classroom relationships students are more likely to attend school and do well in class backseat they are open to receiving the education that the teacher has to offer. Since most high school dropouts are Black students, eliminating the high school dropout problem will require that schools promote positive racial teacher student classroom relationships.

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