In a recent New York Post article, Al Sharpton and the New York Teachers Union are partnering in an anti-police rally in Staten Island. The United Federation of Teachers is a teachers union that represents some most teachers in New York City public school. Other organizations that will join the Al Sharpton National Action Network are the NAACP and local 1199 SEIU.

Some teachers expressed discontent in that the teachers union is a participant in an anti-police rally. One undisclosed teacher questioned this choice of leadership to participate in the ant-police rally and went on to say “We want cops protesting in front of our schools over low test scores”. Black parents will probably take a positive look on the teachers union leadership for their willingness to protest for the survival of their children.

The teachers union would have better serviced the Black community by providing its teacher with lesson plans and resources that teach children how to avoid becoming a victim of any police shooting.    Many of the teens who get shoot do not understand police protocol engagement. This is what has placed many of our teen shooting victims in harms way. The result has been detrimental for Black families and makes our society look barbaric. The teachers could align the lesson with curriculum standards. Both parents and students would appreciate teachers who want to protect Black children and increase the probability of eliminating classroom racism (Elcloomism).

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