The recent Michael Brown shooting will have a tremendous impact on the local Ferguson-Florissant city and school district. The consequences for the city have already resulted in looting and additional conflicts with the police department. This is going to cause an increase in the Police Budget. An increase in the Police budget means an increase in taxes for residents. Also, due to the racial tension you will see insurance rates go up for the residents and businesses.

The local economy will suffer because of the Michael Brown shooting. Many business will suffer loses because people will decide to avoid the locality for fear of becoming a potential victim of crime. When people do not purchase from the local business along with increases in operating costs such as insurance, businesses will eventually have to leave the locality. For those businesses that decide not to leave, they incur additional security cost.

The local school district will suffer the most due to the Michael Brown shooting. Because many Black families believe that the school district implements the same racial policies as the local police department they are going to become even more distrusting of administrators and teachers. Black students may decide that school is not worth it and become a disciplinary challenge. Parents may decide that any consequence delved out by administrators is racist and continue to support the idea that the Ferguson-Florissant school district policies and personnel are racist. Parent may opt to sue the school district which will add addition costs.

If Black students are disciplined consistently they may decide to drop out of school. According to the research, 75% of high school dropouts commit crimes in the United States. For those students who decide to endure what they deem as an unfair and racist school, they may decide not to try as hard which will ultimately impact student test scores.

The Ferguson-Florissant school district has a unique opportunity to heal the racial tensions that have resulted from the Michael Brown shooting. The school district can eliminate racial tension in the school by promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships. When parents and students find out that the school district has an initiative that promotes positive racial teacher student classroom relationships they will have a positive response to any disciplinary actions that violate school policy. Black parents will champion the cause for the school district and insist that their children become a productive partners of the school district.

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