A recent Fox News article by Robert Gearty, informs readers of a continued North Carolina School District corporal punishment policy. The Onslow County Board is set to vote on repeal to the corporal punishment policy that will affect classroom management.

Classroom management involves setting the tone for a productive educational environment. This includes developing classroom discipline strategies for students. One result of classroom management for the Onslow County Schools is corporal punishment. Onslow spoke person, Suzie Ulbrich, summarizes stated, “We have turned to other tools in our arsenal as far as disciplinary measures go”. From this statement, it becomes evident that the classroom management tools are ineffective otherwise; there would be no need for corporal punishment.

While corporal punishment is legal in 49 states, it has a tremendous impact on children. Classroom management that results in corporal punishment teaches children violence. When the teacher in uses the threat of corporal punishment excessively can make children resentful of the teacher and the entire school which can later set the stage for a showdown between the teacher and student.

Eliminating the need for corporal punishment will require that teachers in the Onslow County Schools use classroom management strategies that reduce classroom disruptions, open defiance, and disrespect towards a teacher by promoting positive teacher-student classroom relationships.

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