In a recent, article ‘Making Math Education Even Worse, Marina Ratner points out the challenges with replacing the California Math Curriculum Standards with the new Common Core Curriculum Standards. She points out that the Common Core Curriculum Standards amount to requiring that students respond to math assessments from a visual perspective. The original standards focused more on responding by writing and visually. She asserts that the common core curriculum standards fall well short of the expectations outlined by California‘s previous standards.

The problem with standards, whether they are Common Core Curriculum Standards or state curriculum standards is that education does not work unless the teachers and students have an excellent working relationship. We fail to realize that without this appropriate relationship it does not matter what materials you provide. You can provide them with all the necessities for their education. However, if there is a chasm between the teacher and student that education system is doomed to fail.

We find this evident in schools where White students outperform Black students at each grade level and the majority of the students in the school district are Black. Most White students will naturally formulate trusting relationships with their teachers. For Black students it is a different story. The evidence surfaces in standardized test scores whether they are based on Common Core Curriculum Standards or state curriculum standards.

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