In a recent Wall Street Journal article Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa reported on a recent S&P income inequality report. S&P found that the rich and poor income inequality disparity could have lasting economic consequences. S&P pinpoints the education gap as a primary factor contributing to the income disparities. According to the report, “the findings suggest that last generation’s inequalities will extend into the next generation, with diminished opportunities for upward social mobility”. The S&P income inequality report only scratches the surface by not offering any policy measures as solutions.

Education is the most likely system that will affect income inequality. We must begin with what happens in the classroom between teachers and students. We must eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism). Classroom Racism (Cloomism) has an impact on both White and Black students. When White students know that they are the benefactor of classroom racism (Cloomism), they do not have to try as hard. When Black students know that they are victims of classroom racism (Cloomism) then they will do just enough to get by.

This will continue to widen the income inequality gap reported by the S&P. Once the middle class becomes functionally non existent we no longer have economy that represent democracy. We will then have an economy that represent communism.

Are you ready for Communism?

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