In a recent New York Times article, David Leonhardt points out five areas that contribute to a continued weak US economy. Leonhardt surmises that the US economy produces approximately $800 billion less each year in goods and services. According to Leonhardt, the five sectors that contribute to this deficiency in the US economy include housing, state and local governments, durable goods consumption, business equipment investment, and the federal government.

Two areas that have a direct correlation to classroom racism (Cloomism) are housing and durable goods. On the housing deficiency, Leonhardt proposes that “the United States is building far fewer houses than would be expected given demographic trends. It may be that a broader shift is underway in the desire and ability of young adults to get homes of their own”. In regards to durable goods consumption, Leonhardt states that “people aren’t buying cars, furniture and other big-ticket items …”. This weak US economy would be better off if we could improve the housing and durable goods sectors.

The housing and durable goods sectors would see remarkable improvement if we would eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism). It is estimated that almost 3 million students dropout of school annually. Over a ten-year period that is 30 million persons who could contribute to the weak US economy.

Many of the students who drop out of school without a diploma are Black. Many Black students drop out of school due to the racial tension that exists in the classroom. If the students did not drop out high school, there is a potential that they could offset the challenges associates with our weak US economy.

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