In a recent Star Banner article, Marion County School Superintendent reportedly is spending the summer tying to find out what is wrong with the Marion Public School District. According to columnist Peter Bowers, during the campaign, the superintendent advocated that “we need to let teachers teach”. Bowers continues by reporting that the superintendent does not know what to do.

The superintendent only needs to look at the perpetual tradition of classroom racism that continues to plague Marion County Public School. At each grade level White students outperform Black students.

While White student supremacy has become a tradition for Marion County Schools, this has a tremendous impact on both White and Black students. Many White students will know that they are so favored that they do not have to try as hard to achieve in Marion County schools. Many Black students may believe that achievement is to hard and therefore not put their best effort when it comes to classroom achievement.

Overcoming this challenge will requires that Marion County schools eliminate classroom racism (Elcloomism) and the associated classroom disruptions by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).


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