In a recent New York Times publication, professor of economics at George Washington University – Tyler Cowen – indicated that the United States Policy on immigration “should be the No. 1 priority for anyone concerned about income inequality”. Income inequality is the economical gap between the rich and the poor, which has been the focus of study for many scholars and institutions.

The major cause for income inequality is the Perpetual Tradition of Classroom Racism (Pertcrism) that continues to plague our nation and not the immigration policy. When we allow Pertcrism to dominate our schools, we provide the platform for income inequality. Children who become victimized by Pertcrism become involved in a cycle that continues to deplete scarce resources that could otherwise be used to enhance the overall quality of life for all United States citizens. Pertcrism has developed a permanent underclass that burdens the economics of our nation. For example, we as citizens are paying taxes to schools that Pertcrism. When the Pertcrism victims become part of prison system, we pay taxes to build those jails.

We can overcome Pertcrism by eliminating classroom racism (Elcloomism). We Elcloomism by promoting positive racial teacher student classroom relationships (Properateasclaships).

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