In a recent article, senior NAACP economic department director Dedrick Asante-Muhammad slammed the double digit unemployment rate for Blacks and Hispanics. Muhammad stated in his press release, “the 2-to-1 employment disparity between African Americans and whites is not closing and appears to be a permanent part of the economy. This disparity, as well as the disparity found in Latino unemployment, must be addressed”.

The NAACP addresses the disparity in unemployment without successfully addressing the atrocity that Baltimore City students have endured for generations. Baltimore City students are subjected to the continued Perpetual Tradition of Classroom Racism (Pertcrism) which exist right in the NAACP’s own backyard, Baltimore City. In a school district where White students are in the minority, White students outperform Black students at each grade level. In order for the NAACP to render ineffective the cause for the unemployment disparity they must first address the disparity that exist in the nation’s classrooms.

The NAACP has a great opportunity in turning around the unemployment disparity by implementing programs that eliminate classroom racism. When we eliminate classroom racism, we will provide future adult citizens with the best opportunity to either contribute to our society through employability or entrepreneurship. Promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships provides he best opportunity to Elcloomism.

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